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How We’re Different

Dr. Gannon’s unique program starts with an extensive evaluation that locates healthy areas of the eye. Most low vision therapy treats people as if they are blind – they focus on adapting to the vision that they’ve lost. We do things very differently. Most people with Macular Degeneration have some healthy tissue. We concentrate on that and help people to actually see again.

Created at the Low Vision Institute, The RenewView™ Program, is a powerful 3-step low vision system. Simply put, our unique approach helps our patients see again. 

For over 30 years, our low vision specialist in Ft. Lauderdale has helped thousands of our patients return to a life of visual independence. Each individual patient’s goals are mutually established prior to starting the RenewView™ Program.

RenewView Program

Low Vision Examination: ViewAnalysis™
 Our exclusive comprehensive examination includes a series of specialized evaluation procedures to identify areas of healthy tissue in the eye. It is non-invasive and stress-free. Examinations usually take 90 minutes of one-on-one time with a physician. Our physicians and technicians will make sure your experience is pleasant and informative.

Low Vision Devices: ViewAbles™
 We are the world leaders in hands-free magnification. Our physicians are exceptionally skilled and trained in the design and selection of a wide range of optical devices to meet the individual needs of our patients. Most often we design devices which can be described as miniature prescription-based microscopes that are fitted into special eyeglass frames which enable full function at different distances.

Low Vision Rehabilitation: ViewAbilities™ 
With the combined efforts of our skilled and caring therapists, our patients can maximize the effectiveness of their devices. Unlike other low vision therapy which teaches patients how to adapt and compensate for their condition using methods used in assisting the blind, ViewAbilities™ incorporates Peripheral Perceptual Programming™, our unique therapies which help patients utilize their devices and see again.

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