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Success Stories

All of this artwork was created by our low vision patients and is on display in our Fort Lauderdale office

Although our offices are located in Florida, our patients come to us from all over the world. The Low Vision Institute has successfully treated thousands of low vision patients. We’ve helped over 90% of the patients who come to the Low Vision Institute, including many who are legally blind, with the aid of our devices and therapy, improve and regain their vision and return to the activities they love. We have even helped our patients learn new activities they never thought possible.

The names have been changed to protect their privacy, here are some of our actual patient’s stories…

ROSSA C., The Italian bridge champ

Rossa C. traveled from Southern Italy for her appointment at the Low Vision Institute. She had been a world-ranked tournament duplicate bridge player, and it was her greatest desire to continue playing. Sadly, she was unable to see the cards across the table regardless of the glasses she wore.

The challenge was to create a pair of telescopic glasses for her that allowed her to see close (the cards in her hand) and the distance of the partner’s cards across the table. In addition, Rossa is completely blind in one eye. So, fitting a different tele-scope for each eye was not an option. It was necessary for our physicians to design a way to allow her good eye (which has very limited vision) to accomplish both tasks. We custom designed a large tele-scope which incorporated a unique tele-microscopic cap. The cap was split, thus creating a bifocal tele-microscope.

With the help of our therapists, Rossa was trained to use the top of the tele-microscope to view the cards across the table, and the bottom to view the cards in her hand, she was able to return to playing bridge.

We have since designed several split scopes allowing: computer users to view the screen and paper spread sheets, musicians to read sheet music while following the conductor, and even a priest to watch his congregation while reading his sermon.

CHARLES M., Nothing slows him down

Charles is a vital and energetic gentleman. He had always been an avid reader, world traveler, and a participant in so many varied activities… but, he absolutely LOVED bowling. Since losing most of his vision to macular degeneration, the days of bowling a strike had become only a memory. His Opthalmologist recommended visiting the Low Vision Institute, where devices were custom designed for him, making it possible to be an incredibly active octogenarian. Charles was excited and committed to working with the physicians and therapists.

We created a very special set of telescopic glasses for him that allow him to focus from 10 inches to infinity, permitting him a wide variety of capabilities with a single device. A special binocular telescopic system was designed for bowling. By viewing through this scope, he is able to see pins at the end of the alley. By viewing beneath the scope, he is able to see the markings all the way down the lane. For reading and writing, we fit him with a full diameter telescope and a tele-microscopic cap. He loves to travel, view the countryside and visit museums. A bioptic “sport scope” proved the perfect solution for this. This special scope enables Charles to have a comfortable field of view, and. due to its bioptic position, can be worn full-time when he is moving.

Marvin F., Not-so-retired 80 year old optician

Retirement just wasn’t working for Marvin. He missed his patients and the daily activity. He wanted to go back to work but, due to his macular degeneration, was unable to take his patients’ optical measurements or read their existing prescriptions. Frustrated that he could not see patients enter a room nor recognize their faces, he asked his Opthalmologist to recommend someone who could help.

He was referred to the Low Vision Institute where he was fitted with a Bioptic telescope. With this device, he is able to view and recognize people enter the room. With this set for a 16″ focal range, he could see his patients’ eyes and take the appropriate measurements accurately enough to fit them with glasses. With the introduction of a wide angle telescope, he could record the findings and, with a lensometer that had bright internal scales, he could measure their existing glasses. Marvin has proudly returned to work… helping others see.

Stella R., Booking flights again

Stella was a stylish travel agent who was diagnosed with macular degeneration at age 66. By the time she was 78, her vision had diminished to the point where she was no longer able to function at work. However, Stella loved her job.

After an evaluation, our physicians recommended a full diameter tele-microscope with a special cap to use while working on the computer. It would help her work accurately and effectively. But she felt unattractive while wearing it, and refused. After 3 months, she returned to our office and admitted that she was booking people on wrong flights and cruises. She was making so many mistakes reading her computer screen, that she finally conceded to trying the scope. Her situation immediately improved.

Surprisingly, she now loves wearing the scope. Her clients love learning how it works, seeing the change it’s made in Stella’s attitude… and depending on her again for great trips!

Peter Z., A drive to succeed

Peter was a young man of 35 when he suffered a stroke that took away the entire right side of his visual field in both eyes. He had two young children and a good job. But following his stroke, he lost his drivers license and couldn’t drive himself to work.

At the Low Vision Institute, he was fit with a special “Visual Field Awareness System”. With this system, and a program of visual therapy exercises and practices, he was able to expand his visual field enough to meet the state requirements. And with the help of a state-certified instructor, he successfully passed a drivers course, and was able to pass his drivers license test.

Peter has been driving accident free for years, has returned to work, and enjoys almost all of the activities he participated in prior to his stroke.

And what some of our patients are saying:

” The help in this office is tremendous, the time spent is wonderful, and the patience, unbelievable”
Abe F.

“New Lease on Life”
Tillie M.

“I never thought I’d read again…. what a marvelous thing you do!”
Helga A.

“What a difference…I can sign my name and read documents again…I’m back in business.”
William B. (Attorney)

” I can see to read my mail now.. the sky is the limit”
Jane P.

“Thanks to your patient an caring testing procedures I have prescription glasses which have corrected my distance vision to 20/60…I can see the TV!”
John W.

“After my therapy, I realize the importance of the program and the wonderful work you are doing.  Thank you for helping me see again”
Eleanor S.

” I am so happy, I can once again read the stock quotes on the financial page”
June H.